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Daarmee heeft ze de meeste nominaties van alle artiesten.Growing up, Kya and her older brother, Bumi, were rambunctious children who enjoyed teasing and roughhousing their younger brother, Tenzin.

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Some time later, Kya, together with Bumi and Katara, came to see Tenzin off as he prepared to journey toward the Southern Air Temple with his family.

As she greeted her younger brother, she playfully put forward Tenzin's fear of her as the reason why they never visited, though Tenzin responded that he was not afraid of her anymore.

Kya later attended the royal banquet in honor of Chief Unalaq, sitting at a table with her family.

She ended up accompanying her younger brother at the insistence of their mother, joyously expressing her eagerness to see the "laid back vacation Tenzin".

Arriving at the Southern Air Temple, Kya and Bumi were not treated with the same respect as Tenzin and his family, as one Air Acolyte did not even know that Aang had any other children, believing Kya and her brother to be the servants.

Wat er zich in haar roze paleisje exact heeft afgespeeld, was gisteravond laat nog steeds onduidelijk. Op Ron na dan, en ook zijn terugkeer in Tbilisi brengt hem niet bij de groep.