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The population distribution of the municipality is extremely uneven.

In its inhabited areas, Cádiz is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.

According to a 2016 census estimate, the population of the city of Cádiz was 118.919 (the second most populated of the province after Jerez de la Frontera with 212.830 inhabitants), and that of its metropolitan area was 629,054. In recent years, the city's population has steadily declined; it is the only municipality of the Bay of Cádiz (the comarca composed of Cádiz, Chiclana, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real, and San Fernando), whose population has diminished.

Between 19, it lost more than 14,000 residents, a decrease of 9%.

One of the city's notable features during antiquity was the temple on the south end of its island dedicated to the Phoenician god Melqart, who was conflated with Hercules by the Greeks and Romans under the names "Tyrian Hercules" and "Hercules Gaditanus". In Greek mythology, Hercules was sometimes credited with founding Gadeira after performing his tenth labor, the slaying of Geryon, a monster with three heads and torsos joined to a single pair of legs.

Among the causes of this loss of population is the peculiar geography of Cádiz; the city lies on a narrow spit of land hemmed in by the sea.

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