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Controlled, like the muscles of facial expression, by special visceral nerves, their movements are impulsive, volatile, and seductive.” Since they’re mostly under unconscious control, guys should pay attention to the information women are conveying through the shoulders.The book is 256 pages long, and what I gave you above is just a fraction of the 19 pages of notes that I took and a tiny bit of what’s in the book. Luckily, language operates at an unconscious level, so you’ve probably been doing a good job of understanding body language all along.

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But beneath that exterior, men do, in fact, have emotions—incredibly vivid ones.

maternity dresses) which totally obliterated waistline information. Especially if you have a nice hourglass shape to your torso, you would do well to accentuate that by bringing attention to your waist. — Guys telegraph unconscious interest through “pigeon toes” – the tips of the feet pointing at each other. — Another sign of friendly intention is the shrug display.

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