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The 18-year-old appeared to be enjoying a day off from his studies as he cruised around the Big Apple - with his new tattoo tribute to his father David, visible on his left hand.Maintaining the casual feel in black jeans, Brooklyn then opted against traditional sports trainers for tan desert boots as he sped around the streets on his bicycle.Keeping his look casual, Brooklyn sported black jeans teamed with a blue Champion sweatshirt, suede boots and a yellow rucksack.Champion is having a bit of a moment right now and this sweatshirt is a great way to tap into the athleisure trend.The teenager previously revealed the single word ‘Seven,’ inked in a prominent position above his left wrist,shortly after enrolling at Parsons' in August.His first came in April - a forearm inking which directly mimics his father David's - is an illustration of a Native American in traditional headdress.The Brit looked more than comfortable as he navigated his way around the city - proving to have settled in to his new life in the States.Embarking on the ride without gloves however, Brooklyn's new tattoo tribute to his father David was clear for all to see on his left hand.

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The single digit – tattoo obsessed David’s squad number while playing for Manchester United and England – also serves as a middle name for Brooklyn’s six-year old sister Harper.

He recently relocated to the city to study photography, at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in Greenwich Village.

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