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Both publishing houses are affiliated with churches in the Reformed tradition.From its traditional usage, the term vespers has come to be used more broadly for various evening services of other churches, some of which model their evening services on the traditional Roman Catholic form.In some Oriental Orthodox churches, Vespers is called the Raising of Incense.Vespers is an introduction and preparation for the Liturgy, consisting of a collection of prayers, praises and Thanksgiving prayers which request the Lord's blessings upon the sacramental service.After the readings from the Old Testament, the Trisagion is chanted, followed by the Epistle and Gospel, and the Divine Liturgy proceeds normally from that point.On these occasions, as at other times when the Gospel is read at vespers, the Little Entrance is made with the Gospel Book instead of the censer.In addition, during the 19th and early 20th centuries, synagogues in the Classical Reform tradition sometimes referred to their Friday evening worship services as "vespers".Nowadays, such services are instead called kabbalat shabbat, which means "welcoming the Sabbath".

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The author states that this Office took place at the tenth hour (four o'clock in the evening); it is really the Office des lumières, i.e.This is true for the Coptic Orthodox Church; use of the term and order of services are somewhat different in the Ethiopian, Syrian, and the other Oriental Orthodox Churches.