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I kept mine in a mesh bag and hung it on a tree in our team’s eating area, a wobbly circle of wooden benches.

My first test of courage came that morning as we went down the breakfast line.

We stacked wooden boxes painted with the books of the Bible in their correct order. This also meant we were in charge of cleaning the rancid bathrooms.

At the end of the course we had to get our whole team over a huge wooden wall. Sometime near the end of the week I realized the Piggy signs might be my fault: I’d been arranging my stuff the wrong way without realizing it.

In the morning we tumbled out under bright sun and unfamiliar trees, lined up, and wove through a maze of tents and tables to collect black duffel bags and stuff our things inside.

We were each issued a water bottle, a divided plate, a set of silverware and a cup.

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My mom was firm on the fact that I couldn’t leave the country, so truly exciting missions were out, but there was still Team Rain Forest, where I could spread God’s word by building an accessible sidewalk through the lush Florida rain forest; see exotic creatures watching me from behind glossy leaves as I labored for the Lord; listen for the flutter and song of mysterious birds. It’s likely that my mom took the idea and ran with it, like she did with many vague ideas I had, but this time I also felt determined to prove myself in a way of my own choosing.

“You made a commitment,” my mom said when I balked at the training videos, “you have to follow through.” * * * On the drive from the Orlando airport to the TMI campus I tingled, afraid but still ready to be convinced, still holding on to possibility.

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