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In creating the collection, major recognition must be given to Jose (Joe) Yusef Makmak for his considerable support and friendship.Our thoughts are with Joe, formerly a prominent ceramic antiquities dealer in Philippines, who passed away in 2008.The officials stormed the man's home, dragged both animals out and beat them with wooden sticks.The PETA officer also said that after the dogs were killed, the elderly man was told to pick up their bodies and put them next to a lamp post, which they were regularly chained to.Longquan county in Zhejiang Province is considered the most important producing region for Celadon Stoneware and Porcelain.Most of the pieces in The Chalre Collection were produced in this region.Because the man's home is small, he would sometimes chain the dogs to trees and posts on the side of the streets.

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However, the Dongtai police told a different story.

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