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07-Oct-2017 12:50

A person is not defined by their words; a person is defined by their actions.Certainly, there exist examples in our culture of women abusing the system to take advantage of good men, but that does not make it the standard, same way not all men are misogynists.My niece was born two days after Election Night, and I continually pray that she never be homeschooled, as is his plan.He’d already begun speaking with his future wife via an international dating site when word came of the pregnancy.

I mention feminism because it is part of the foundation for which my brother cites his matrimonial decision; I mention my brother because he is part of the foundation for which I am a feminist.♦◊♦Eleven years my senior, my brother was one of my idols growing up.

He taught me how to play pool when I was seven, bought me my first camera when I was nine, warned me about the perils of credit card debt when I was 12, and instructed me how to change my car’s brake pads when I was 17.

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