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30-Oct-2017 12:46

After he lured her into his car, a witness followed him back to his apartment on De Longpre Avenue and called the police.By the time they arrived, Alcala had struck Shapiro with a steel rod and raped her.While in prison, he published a book titled You, The Jury, in which he denied killing Samsoe and posited another suspect.He also tried to sue the California penal system twice; once for a slip-and-fall accident and once because the prison hadn't given him a low-fat diet.

He was also questioned as a convicted sex offender in connection with the Hillside Strangler investigation.

Earlier on the day of Samsoe's disappearance, Alcala had been seen trying to get her and one of her friends to get into swimsuits so he could take pictures of them, but was chased away by a neighbor.

The previous day, he had tried to convince two teenage girls to do so by offering them marijuana.

In 1978, in spite of his criminal record, Alcala was admitted as "Bachelor No. The host introduced him as a successful professional photographer.

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Though Alcala won the contest, the female contestant wouldn't go on a date with him because she thought he was "creepy".

Shortly after arriving (coincidentally during the time that Son of Sam was active), he is believed to have killed Ellen Jane Hover, a 23-year-old socialite.

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