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If you look at how long you feel good for when the latest cycle first starts and then evaluate how long this lasts for in minutes, hours, days, and weeks, you’d be surprised how you can be putting yourself on the hamster wheel for what may be a matter of minutes.One reader has been doing a ‘cycle’ with her ex for several years for feel good highs of as little as fifteen minutes!There are a number of people I correspond with who it doesn’t seem to matter how many times they are disappointed by the same person, when that person gets in touch, they respond and do all manner of things. Now if you’re looking at these as isolated situations, you might think that they were different, but in reality, in this example, one time the person called and asked for something and one time they didn’t ask for anything ‘upfront’ although there is an ‘understanding’, the other party sprung into hopeful action thinking that they would get the ‘big payout’, it didn’t happen (again) and they felt bad afterwards (again).Then they feel disappointed and vow to do differently but yet the next time the person does the same thing (or variations of it), they will respond in a similar way. What’s catching you out in these situations is being hopeful for the ‘big payout’, i.e.

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You could add in another few steps, but a person who is hellbent on doing things ‘their way’ will passive aggressively and sometimes aggressively get things to where they want them to be.

If you keep winding up with the same net result from someone, it’s teaching you who they are and their real agenda.

Even inconsistent people end up being consistent about being inconsistent with the net feedback to you being Don’t rely on this person.

We suggest you to use a rhetorical question on top of the image and your sarcastic remark at the bottom of it: the Willy Wonka condescending effect is granted!

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Sometimes you can find yourself ‘trapped’ in this cycle of doing the same thing over and over again on the basis that in spite of evidence to the contrary, you still believe there to be the possibility of the original reward or ‘big payout’.One of his most condescending faces has been captured in this image and it is offered now to the large public by Meme Generator.