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08-Sep-2017 17:23

While the display provides some advantages, such as providing access to the par score for the hole, our conclusion was that if we were going to take the time to bring the display into a position to see the information, we would likely prefer either a watch or a non-voice golf GPS device that had more features.

The list of features for the Voice is pretty short, though it does include auto-hole advance and shot distance tracking.

The device is small and light, and comes with a clip to attach to brim of a cap, shirt, or belt.

The Voice will speak the distance at a touch of a button – the default is the distance to the center of the green, but pressing and holding down the main button will cycle through distances to the near and far points of the green.

It was nice to have the additional information available, but the awkward interface deterred our review staff from taking the time to find the near and far green distances unless it was absolutely necessary.

The Golf Buddy Voice not only speaks yardages, but also include a small screen where players can visually obtain distances and see a rough graphic of the shape of the green.

Three-Year Total Cost of Ownership: With no additional cost for access to the database for new courses or updates, the three-year total cost of ownership of the Golf Buddy Voice GPS remains at 9.99, placing it in the least expensive third of devices in our comparison of golf GPS device total costs.And as with all devices that are limited to green information, we found ourselves craving distances to hazards.The Golf Buddy Voice generally provided distances accurate to within 4 yards, although we had difficulty verifying distances to the near and far points of the green as the device no longer provides distances, either by voice or on the display, once the player has reached the green edge (defined as approximately 10 yards from the edge of the green).Value: While the device has one of the lower prices for a golf GPS device, it is a “tweener” in the market – it doesn’t provide the hazard data available in less expensive devices (such as the Bushnell neo or IZZO 3000 devices), and it lacks the functionality of the more feature-rich devices that we have come to appreciate.

The primary differentiator is voice, and whether you value that feature will exclusively determine whether you like this device.This places the Golf Buddy Voice at tops of the field in worldwide course coverage. The Bad: We can’t cycle through distances as quickly as we would like, and when doing so, the order is center-near-far.