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They will also need to send in official transcripts from their college.

Certain programs may ask for letters of recommendation as well that show the professional work the student did, and some programs require that students have a GPA of at least 3.0 in their major.

Our Lady of the Lake University originally opened as Our Lady of the Lake College when established in 1895.

Colleges at the time often focused more on high school education than higher education, and a number of students graduated from high school at OLLC.

The most common type of aid is an unsubsidized government loan, which is only available to those taking a full course load.

Those who need more financial aid and those who do not qualify for unsubsidized loans can apply for scholarships and private student loans. The university created the program as a way to help students finish their studies in no more than two years, though part time students may find that they need an additional year to finish the program.

OLLU requires that those applying for graduate admissions include the grade point average received in college, the degree they hold, the type of courses they took and the scores they received on the GRE or a similar graduate level exam.

After filling out the online application, students must contact the GRE board to request that the board mail official copies of their scores to the university.

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Students are also responsible for paying fees totaling around 0 each year they enroll in the university.

The program also helps prepare students for taking similar tests in other states.

This program includes courses on topics like counseling theories, methods of counseling, ethical issues that counselors face in the field, mental disorders and testing/assessment.

Students in the school counseling program will also complete a practicum that includes 225 hours of work in the field with at least 125 hours of working with clients.

OLLU helps online students find placements in their own areas to complete this requirement.The college later transitioned in 1911 to admit female students interested in earning a college degree.