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24-Sep-2017 19:02

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I think there’s going to be a dating rumor about these two by the end of the drama.

Though I was nervous on set, I found myself getting lost in her eyes.”Hearing this, Lee Jung Jin joked, “I guess this is a press conference to announce their relationship.”He also chimed in, “I recently asked Lee Hyun Woo if the two of them are actually dating.

I want to go back because of this good memory.”The girls are making their return to L. For a group of young pop starlets, however, they don’t seem overly obsessed with fashion in the way one might expect.

“I don’t know Korean brands,” confessed Yeri, who was in a pink Sandro dress.

They’re surrounded by a room full of people—their manager from S. Entertainment, a glam team, a photo producer, a few other assistants—on hand to make sure their shoot goes according to plan.

But Wendy, Seul-gi, Irene, Joy, and Yeri (ages 23, 23, 26, 21, and 18, respectively) seem numb to their surroundings as they stare intently at the candy-colored cell phones in their grips. Wendy, who has bright red hair at the moment, declared, “I like Beyoncé, and while watching her performance I think about what we could apply to our own performances.

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