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It reminded me of an underwear brand I saw and loved on my own trip to Japan, Body Wild.

Suspended in their storefront was a mannequin wearing a men’s brief with an all around jeans trompe l’oile.

But a man in a g-string still makes us giggle and squirm like hens at an obligatory bachelorette party.

My very fit teacher was about to demonstrate a handstand, and as he prepared to kick his legs up, his shirt fell up around his head, exposing his back.

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Below the band, where one would expect underwear fabric, there was only skin, followed by the waistband of his low-slung clingy sweatpants. It felt shocking and ridiculous for a yoga instructor to be wearing a visible fashion jockstrap. We women spend a lot of attention and money on alluring/athletic sports bras and athletic wear. But I thought I’d at least share some sexy men’s underwear currently on the market, and challenge you readers out there to think about who you would like to see in it.Their aesthetic is starker and less cheeky than Cocksox, and they offer a broader range, from a plain cotton boxer brief to a straptastic conundrum of an underpant.They show an exalting attitude toward underwear, which I applaud: “Underwear.All models must be at least 18 years old at the time the photographs are taken.

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Two hours ago, I asked myself “shouldn’t I be using Google Incognito? Colleagues discuss the sexiness of transparent lace, women’s empowerment through corsetry, and the sales figures of pleasure toys — and these feel like totally normal subjects. We are unused to equating male sexuality with skin show, and the unfamiliarity of the display gives us pause.He mentioned a brand he just picked up on a trip to Tokyo, Roial. I can see the Japanese sensibility in this pair from Roial, with its visual play on traditional men’s plaid, but translated into a printed knit jersey.