Stocking dating service

10-Aug-2017 19:30

This one has a bunch of hooks, clips, zips and a handle. I got this as a stocking for the guy I am dating and we both absolutely love it. It's absolutely perfect and I've shown everyone I know and they love it too.Received one as a gift last year from my wife, loaded with awesome tactical gifts!

I ordered velcro separate letters to put a name on my grand daughters stocking. I am still waiting on the extra SWAT flag that I ordered a month ago and is back ordered.Have fun trying different designs or modifying patterns to craft your own unique holiday decorations. Bring some tactical cheer to your fireplace, foxhole, police department, or forward operating base! The LA Police Gear MOLLE Elite Christmas Stocking has all the bells and whistles without having any bells or whistles.I hope it comes for next Christmas now as it didnt make it for this Christmas. The width i measured including the foot part of it, and the length was from the toe to the top.

It's a hard measurement to make since it's not really proportional, but there abouts is the measurement.

(Patches not Included) Comes in Black, Coyote, and OD Green. Was looking for a replacement tactical stocking for one I had ordered about 5 years ago.