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Dimitris Daskopoulos', '/', '\'', '"', etc., so you are free to utf8_encode complete blocks of html text that includes tags.

Bad news is that UTF-8 is stupid enough so that utf8_encode(utf8_encode($str)) ! What you can do is write utf8_ensure like:function utf8_ensure($str) Comes handy when your view library tries to encode the same text multiple times.

für Webservice-Security/WSS4J compliancy) you might use this:$textstart = "Größe";$utf8 ='';$max = strlen($txt);for ($i = 0; $i My version of utf8_encode_deep, In case you need one that returns a value without changing the original. * @return mixed */ function anything_to_utf8($var,$deep=TRUE) creating utf-8 xml files:this is something that has wasted a lot of my time, I hope this will spare you the headaches:my method consists of creating an xml template that will look like this (this is probably optional, I'm sure you can use good ol' print or echo statements):xml_Some side notes:- note that the utf8_encode function goes inside the fwrite() function.- when troubleshooting, make sure to transfer text file (xml included) and scripts in ascii mode when using ftp.

/** * Convert Anything To UTF-8 * @param mixed $var The variable you want to convert. For some unknown reason my ftp client did not have xml set as an ascii transfer candidate and was automatically tranfering them in binary.

Also, the source of the gb2312file needed for this to work has changed. TXT This function I use convert Thai font (iso-8859-11) to UTF-8. Please try to use this function if you have a problem to convert charset iso-8859-11 to UTF-8.function iso8859_11to UTF8($string) Suttichai Mesaard- following Perl regular expression tests if a string is well-formed Unicode UTF-8 (Broken up after each | since long lines are not permitted here.

Please join as a single line, no spaces, before use.):^([\x00-\x7f]|[\xc2-\xdf][\x80-\xbf]|\xe0[\xa0-\xbf][\x80-\xbf]|[\xe1-\xec][\x80-\xbf]|\xed[\x80-\x9f][\x80-\xbf]|[\xee-\xef][\x80-\xbf]|f0[\x90-\xbf][\x80-\xbf]|[\xf1-\xf3][\x80-\xbf]|\xf4[\x80-\x8f][\x80-\xbf])*$NOTE: This strictly follows the Unicode standard 4.0, as described in chapter 3.9, table 3-6, "Well-formed UTF-8 byte sequences" ( ).

The following function will utf-8 encode unicode entities &#nnn(nn); with n=/*** takes a string of unicode entities and converts it to a utf-8 encoded string* each unicode entitiy has the form &#nnn(nn); n= and can be displayed by utf-8 supporting* browsers. I had some trouble placing the Hebrew in a javascript based drop down menu, the text appeared as UTF8 so I made this function to overcome the problem (Not talking about efficiency) function rtf_heb($string) binary UTF symbol code into unicoded string....

Ascii will not be modified.* @param $source string of unicode entities [STRING]* @return a utf-8 encoded string [STRING]* @access public*/function utf8Encode ($source) Ronen. Thanks for providing your nice conversion code, however due to some missing parenthesis 4-byte utf-8 chars are not converted properly. * < > that is UTF8 function is a killer...wouldn't something likeif ( preg_match( "~(\x00[\x80-\xff]|[\x00-\x07][\x00-\xff]~", $string ) ) ;be a lot more efficient?

Reversing those two lines makes it work correctly in every example I have tried.

Maybe PHP developers will provide this option in future releases.

Until then, this is a quick and dirty solution that will work forlocalized PHP pages.

* Modified function from Url * * @param string $source escaped with Javascript's escape() function * @param string $iconv_to destination character set will be used as second paramether in the iconv function. * @return string */ /*Every function seen so far is incomplete or resource consumpting.

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Here are two -- integer 2 utf sequence (i3u) and utf sequence to integer (u3i).to distinguish ISO-8859-1-data from UTF-8-data if submitted from a To make utf8_encode and utf8_decode support other than iso-8859-1 encodings, you can easily define your encoding in the PHP source.