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'We don’t have to be automatic breeders,' she said.

The two were spotted canoodling Sunday at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu.”She was constantly stealing kisses while she was talking to her friends, and she couldn’t stop smiling,” said the source.

In November 2012, MTV2 announced that the series would be returning in 2013 after a six-year hiatus.

Similar in premise to shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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It debuted on July 28, 2005, on MTV and aired on MTV2 from 2013–2016.

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The beauty swapped out the strappy suit for a cream and black two-piece, which revealed most of her backside.

“She introduced him to everyone as her fiance.” A rep for the actress said she would not comment on her client’s personal life.

Speaking about her connection with the character, Miss Bryant revealed: 'I grew up not really having a connection to my father so I think on that level I can really relate to the character in terms of not wanting her child to go through what she went through.

In an essay for Lenny Letter, the 41-year-old actress lists all of the nosy, not-their-business and definitely not-the-point opinions she's heard from friends and strangers alike, who have urged her to have a baby with arguments like 'you’ll be such a good mother' and 'you’ll have beautiful children' — and she breaks down just why comments like those are inappropriate.

It's not that Joy just isn't yet ready for children, or that she's trying to get pregnant and having trouble — both of which would also be good reasons for not asking her about her procreating plans — but rather that Joy simply doesn't want to be a mother and, as she explains, that's nobody's business but hers and her husband's.So I’m so thankful that God brought this amazing person in my life who genuinely has my back and is ready to “pull up” to defend my honor by any means.